Waterstones, Birmingham

Year 2014
Client: Mott Macdonald

Howl Associates have been appointed by Mott Macdonald to examine the architectural implications of modifying the corner of the Grade II Listed Waterstones shop front on the west side of the junction of Stephenson Place and Stephenson Street, to accommodate the proposed track alignment for the Midland Metro City Centre Extension.

The building falls within the Colmore Row and Environs Conservation Area No. 11. The original two storey stone building, which was constructed in 1867-9, fronts onto New Street and has a side elevation facing onto Stephenson Place. The footway on this side of the building, which slopes down towards Stephenson Street, reveals a basement storey
protected by railings. The building was extended to the south in 1875 with the addition of a five storey stone building with basement that fronts onto Stephenson Street. It is the corner of this building that will be affected by the Metro track alignment.