Shrewsbury Baptist Church

Year: 2014
Client: Shrewsbury Baptist Church

Shrewsbury Baptist Church approached Howl Associates with an initial brief to produce a feasibility study into ways in which to improve and enhance their existing church buildings in Monkmoor.

The church wanted to create a welcoming and accessible environment, and facilitate a physical link between the two separate buildings between which activities were presently divided.

Howl Associates worked with the church to develop a solution which would utilise existing space in a better way, and would limit the amount of new construction in order to keep the cost of the project down.

A new bright and welcoming foyer space is proposed at the ‘knuckle’ of the two existing buildings, providing enclosed and level access between the two. At the heart of the new foyer an existing storage corridor has been opened up to provide a multi purpose reception hub, allowing visitors to easily orientate themselves within the building and receive a friendly welcome. New accessible toilet facilities and storage are also provided alongside a general refurbishment of the existing church hall.

The project has recently been submitted to Shropshire Council for planning approval, and a decision is expected early next year.